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The Wee Webster

Summer 07

Bday thumb

Click on Sophie opening gifties to see her birthday bash.

Click on the Ditchdirt Gang to see our beach trip pics!


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Click on our toes to see Frank and Stacy’s “sans Sophie” trip to Mexico!


Wild Animals:

Hooray Zoo!

Duck, Daddy!

Laney Duck

No touch tortoise

Tortoise Trepidation

Deer Sophie

Scaredy Laney

Here, baby baby baby

Don't Leave Me!

Petting Zoo


Spring Break, 2007

Lucy's Birthday

Squeals on Wheels

Cracking Up

Every Day is Saturday!

Salty or Sweet?

Chef Sophie

Is this Spring or Fall?

Work, work, work

Garden Gnome



Boning Up on BBQ

This Ain't My First Rodeo


Petting Zoo Snack

Just My Size

Christmas, 2006

Click on Santa and Sophie to see a glimpse of all our Christmas adventures.



All Spiffed Up

Bad Influence

I Yam What I Yam

Snoozing Pals


Thanksgiving Sunset

La Caja de Coco

Beach Mug

I Love My Nana

Relaxing at the Farm

A Thanksgiving Adventure

Thanksgiving at the Beach

Mohawk Sophie


Home, James Frank!

September and October

Sophie loves hats!

Hats On to Maggie!

Superstar Sophie

You Be the Judge

Why We Don't Eat Italian Food Anymore

Sophie's Rainbow


Breakfast Bedhead

There's HAIR up there!

Pond Liillies

Betty betty betty

A Girl, Her Wagon, and Her Dog

Jump, Callie

A Bushel of Babies

Hold on, Laney!

Wheee!  I love wagons!

I Dig Your Flair

Paddlin' Along

Sunday Dinner Returns

Pretty in Pink

Sunday Sketti

Sunday Dinner Table

Noodle Head

Sunday Scrub

Sunday Dinner Divas

Sunday Dinner Don'ts

Sunday Dinner Debily

Rainbow Pride

Halloween Costume

Trick or Treat!

Sophie's tail end

Autumn in Austin

Sophie Loves Autumn!

Mover and Shaker

Flowershop Girl


Out With the Old, In With the New

Short, Dark, and Hairy

Wigging Out



Happy Cow-a-lean

Sunflower Sophie

Sunny Days



Get a Clue

Family Halloween Pic

To Gnome Me is to Love Me


Sunmaid Raisin Lady and Morton Salt Girl

The Stephens Trio

She had a beard and it felt weird...

Smile Like This

Herding Cats

The Official Best of the Worst

The Peacock in Her Natural Habitat

A Motley Crew

Wish You Were Here

What's that on your face, Sophie?

Trick or Treat!

A Peacock and her Feathers

Night night Mimi

Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Sophie's Party Dress

Birthday Goodies

Sophie's First Cake

I'm one today. (smirk)

Party Girl

Yum, Cake!

Birthday Princess

The Party Spills Over into Sophie's Room

Reading a Birthday Book with Tedward


Click on “Sophie and the Bear” to see the pics from our summer vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

(Great Dolly party pics, too!)

Bear Sophie02

Summertime, 2006

Slidin' into Summer

It's a jungle in here

The Zookeeper

Pretty Ladies

Big Baby, Little Grandma

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day